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“TORANOKO RAMMY” (虎の子ラミー) will have a FREE ONE-MAN SHOW at YOYOGI-ONGAKU-YAGAIDOH (代々木野外音楽堂) ,or not ?!??!?!

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For this campaign, the funding will be achieved if the project reached it's goal on September 27, 2017 23:59
本クラウドファンディングの募集期間は、June 29, 2017 20:00 〜 September 27, 2017 23:59 となります。事前にアカウントをご準備の上開始をお待ちください。アカウント登録はこちらから。
In the summer of 2018, “TORANOKO RAMMY” will have a FREE ONE-MAN SHOW at YOYOGI-ONGAKU-YAGAIDOH (代々木野外音楽堂) ,or not ?!?!?!?!
A new bassist joined us this year, and we “TORANOKO RAMMY” more energetically carry out our music activities for a big challenge.
Now, we have a Fan-Participation-Campaign to realize a FREE ONE-MAN SHOW at YOYOGI-ONGAKU-YAGAIDOH!
Are you ready to join us?



【official web site】

“TORANOKO RAMMY” is a 4-piece Japanese Girls Rock Band, formed in the summer of 2013.

We call ourselves “Safari-rock-band.”

It means our performance doesn’t fit only on the stage. 

We promise we involve much audience, of course YOU!


Vo.&Key. MOTHER-YANAGI (マザー・ヤナギ)

Gt.&Cho. MIZUKI (ミズキ)

Ba.&Cho. RISAKO (Risako)

Dr.&Cho. TK-MIHOKA (TKみほか)

With a new bassist since June 25, 2017…

“TORANOKO RAMMY” will challenge a….

FREE ONE-MAN SHOW at YOYOGI-ONGAKU-YAGAIDOH (代々木野外音楽堂) in the summer of 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The average age is 22, the average tall is 157…

We little girls make so powerful sound beyond all of your imagination!

“TORANOKO RAMMY” is just the one and only band.

We love making the audience smile, laugh and surprised, so we perform not only playing but also other fantastic activities.

Sometimes badminton,hula-hoop, some party stunts…and so on!

We promise we make you sooooooooo exciting!

You will never forget our music and performance.

Check it out!

And we want…..

more and more people to know about “TORANOKO-RAMMY”!!!!

and OUTDOOR ONE-MAN SHOW? And TICKET FREE?! It’s soooooo exciting!

We want to realize such a show!!!!!!!!!!!

So we planned this campaign to succeed the one-man show!


・MV credit plan

if you apply this project, your name will be written on the biggest flag located at the event site.

・GOODS of each plan

These original goods limited to this campaign

・Limited plan of each member

Special goods based on each member’s character

▼in conclusion

our motto is….

We are "TORANOKO-RAMMY," also you too!

Thanks to you, we were able to get over many difficulties.

Since June 25, 2017 we’ve made a new start. 

To grow up our music more and more…..

We want to succeed this project and to realize the FREE ONE-MAN SHOW at YOYOGI-ONGAKU-YAGAIDOH (代々木野外音楽堂)!


We need your help!!!!!!!

Say, we are "TORANOKO-RAMMY," also you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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