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[Drummer Natsumi] First solo activity! Mini album production sharing campaign!

Drummer Natsumi music album challenge!!

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For this campaign, regardless of the achieved goal, the fundraised total will be collected on December 26, 2019 23:59. (The moment you apply for the campaign the contract has been completed.)
The application period for this campaign will be from November 13, 2019 20:00 to December 26, 2019 23:59. Please prepare your account in advance and await the start. You can register your account here.
Hello I’m Natsumi. I’m a musician in japan.
Thank you for Watching my new project.
Let me introduce myself little bit before I explain my new challenge .

I’m a drummer, named Natsumi.

Since 2015, I started a music life as a girls band,named “JULiC”.

I was working as a drummer on it around three years. During these days, We released two albums also we gave live concerts all around Japan. At the same time, I also played music outside of the “JULiC” as a solo musician.

Even JULiC divided to stop girls band activity for a while, I spent a lot of my life into live show!! I used to play music as a girls band but during this time, i challenged unplugged music,playing flute and cajon.
I join the events for livening up Japanese anime song culture.
Produce the event and play the anime song as a anime song cover band in Zepp Tokyo and Shibuya duo, one of biggest live stage in japan.
I also working outside of music.

I’m a fashion model in japan.

I’m working with Japanese gaming company as a cosplayer.

Therefor, I do have over ten thousand follower on my “SNS”

A year and half passed from stopping girls band activity. However, I still can play the music under the light. Why why why??? Now I realize I get thousands of support and power from fun, who are not only from JULiC but also from my recent activities. I really think everything because of you guys, and feel thank you for everybody!
What can I back to you???
Keep playing music and making something new? Yes

But how??

I feel like if I published new album within ordinary way, it might be self-satisfaction.
I really want put everything, showing my experiences how I grow up.

Introducing my great musician friends.

I need to do something new. It might be really challenging to me a lot.
How can I share my feeling, my mind, my situation??
Making new album together with everybody step by step.

That’s reason why I choose “crowdfunding”

I really want to put not only my mind but also everybody’s, who join this project, mind into this new album.
Who want to share deeply? Who want to enjoy more my music??

I would love to have a fun this project for everybody and think some gifts.

Let’s share the mind with me!! Make the greatest album!! And publish it together!!!!

Outline of my project. 
This is the first time for me producing omnibus mini album by sharing project.
The main topics are “share” and “together”
Target is “how many people join this projects”
And I set the number of people is “50”
I set several way to support this project and gift from me.
There is a way to attend this project without money so please feel free to join us!
My pleasure is having a fun with me through this opportunity.
Lets challenge together “How we can share” and “how far we are able to send our mind”
At this time, we using the activities report system, under the website, as a blog.
By using this system, I’m able to report every step from producing sound resources to publish the CD.
Please enjoy how this project is completed!!!
“Example of the progress how we can share”
1. Hashtag
        Plz share the massage by using “twitter” and “instagram”
        #一緒に作ろう夏海ミニアルバム ←hashtag
2. Live broadcast.
      During event, I will have a broadcasting program on “live line”
      In the program, we will be able to discuss some topics by chat on live.
      Topics are design of T-shirts, design of CD jacket, song lyrics and more.
      Although, I will report how our project progress.
Although, give me advices and ideas for making project better!!!

I needs your hands!!!

Natsumi omnibus mini album

【Oracle】(Label Office Glasse)

Release date Scheduled for late March 2020

5 songs

¥ 2200 (tax in)

 Artists (Vocal)


・ 世手子(Yoteko)

and more ...

Recorded music


・ Eternally (Re arrange)


and more ...

1. Special thanks message from Natsumi
2. Report my activity till our album released.
3. Send CD as soon as possible on your hands.
4. Photo and movie of Natsumi, when Natsumi working on project.
5. My hands notes of notes. So you can see how I making songs.
6. Original T-shirts, we will discuss design on broadcast.
7. Putting your name on CD booklet.
8. Card for autographs with my messages.
9. Signed photo.
10. Special movie with my special thanks messages for each members.
        Give me a topic what would you like me to talk.
11. Hand write letter.
12. Invite a event for listening the CD before sale.
13. Tickets for live concert.
14. Observe a rehearsal of live show.
15. Taking photo with me and talk with me on live show.
16. Come and join an after-party following the live show.

17. Join the memorial photo shot on live stage

<You also release member plan>

For free

1 and 2

<Album fastest delivery plan>

For ¥3000 yen

1 to 3

<Album fastest delivery + α plan>

For ¥5000 yen

1 to 5

<Limited T-shirt plan>

For ¥8000 yen

1 to 6

<Natsumi Special Plan>

For ¥10,000 yen

1 to 9

<Special thanks message plan>

For ¥20,000 yen

1 to 9

Plus 10 and 11

<Premium preview and mini live plan>

For ¥20,000 yen

1 to 9

Plus 12 and 13

<Pre-live rehearsal tour plan>

For ¥30,000 yen
1 to 9

Plus 14 and 15

<Party plan with Natsumi after the CD release date>

For ¥35,000 yen
1 to 9

Plus 16 and 17

<Your original song plan (instrument)>

For ¥100,000 only for 2 people

This one is really special

Natsumi will creat a song for you

Give. Some ideas and she will make your song!!


Q:Can I participate in this campaign from overseas?

A:You can participate in the campaign if you have Japanese shipping address.

And if you don’t have the one ,we recommend you to take Japanese address at

It is easy way to get virtual Japanese address.

After you take your Japanese address, please fill it to your destination of your sign up page.

Then you can purchase via Credit card.

If you feel complicated about this process, we can help you anytime.







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