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For this campaign, the funding will be achieved if the project reached it's goal on April 30, 2023 23:59
本クラウドファンディングの募集期間は、March 23, 2023 20:00 〜 April 30, 2023 23:59 となります。事前にアカウントをご準備の上開始をお待ちください。アカウント登録はこちらから。


▼Purpose of this crowdfunding

▼Why use crowdfunding?

▼Detail of the project




今回の企画で目標とする金額は 50万円 とさせていただきました。


本企画は All or Nothing方式 を採用しており、キャンペーン終了時に目標金額に到達しなかった場合は全額、皆様に全額返金させていただきます。





リーシオン (李紫音)

Twitter / YouTube

イギリス生まれ、香港育ちのVsinger リーシオン。





Q: Can plans be combined?

A: Yes. No problem to apply for multiple plans in duplicate!

Q: How do I do this in the first place?

A: First, please register an account using the form below!

New registration URL:

Next, please refer to this article  for details on how to apply for a plan.

Q: How will I receive goods and other items?

A: For data returns, we will send you the URL to download the data uploaded to an external uploader via the site message function. For products such as goods, we will send them by mail as soon as they are ready after the crowdfunding ends!

Q: If the desired plan is full, can I apply for that plan?

A: It will end as soon as the capacity is reached on a first-come, first-served basis, so you cannot apply for participation beyond the capacity.

Q:Can I participate in this campaign from overseas?

A:You can participate in the campaign if you have Japanese shipping address.

And if you don’t have the one ,we recommend you to take Japanese address at

It is easy way to get virtual Japanese address.

After you take your Japanese address, please fill it to your destination of your sign up page.

Then you can purchase via Credit card.

If you feel complicated about this process, we can help you anytime.

Q: Why is the price of the English version different from the Japanese version?

A: All plans include shipping costs. For the English version, the amount is added because we assume international shipping costs and additional packaging.


Click here for other frequently asked questions.

If you have any other specific questions about the system, please contact us using the inquiry form below.


▼How to purchase and precautions

・Credit card payment

(VISA / JCB / master card / Diners Club / American Express / UnionPay)
・Convenience store payment
・Bank payment (Pay-easy)

are available for this campaign.

For details, please refer to "Payment Methods" on this page

<How to purchase>

2)Select the plan you want and click the "Subscribe to this plan" button.

3)Fill in your name, shipping address, and other necessary information.

4) Select payment method

5) In case of credit card payment, payment is made immediately. For payment at a convenience store or bank, we will send the details to your registered address.

Please complete the payment within a week.

* You can apply for multiple plans.

* When you apply, we reserve a limited number of spots.
* In case of convenience store or bank payment, if payment is not made within one week, your application will be cancelled automatically and the limited number of places will be cancelled as well.

<If you do not receive an e-mail from muevo>

◆If you are using a cell phone or smart phone address

Please note that you may not receive our e-mails correctly if you have set your security settings. to reject e-mails from users, or if you have set your domain name to receive e-mails from users with spam filtering settings, etc.
Please set the following domains to be able to receive our e-mails.

◆If you are using a PC e-mail address
Depending on the settings of your e-mail service, e-mail software, anti-virus software, etc., your e-mail may be recognized as "junk mail" and you may not receive it.
(In this case, please check your "junk mail folder" or the settings of your service or software.)






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