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Amama Nia Birthday! Full Animation Music Video Production Project

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For this campaign, regardless of the achieved goal, the fundraised total will be collected on June 30, 2023 23:59. (The moment you apply for the campaign the contract has been completed.)
The application period for this campaign will be from May 24, 2023 22:22 to June 30, 2023 23:59. Please prepare your account in advance and await the start. You can register your account here.

Thank you so much for joining and supporting this project! 

With everyone's help, we were able to reach the 100% funding! I believe we can present to you the best possible fully animated music video. Please look forward to it!!

We still have quite a while before the end of the crowdfunding on June 30. To bring up the excitement even more, I'd like to introduce a stretch goal for the project! 

To help us reach that stretch goal, I added some new plans as well as added another slot for a limited plan that immediately sold out.

▼ Stretch Goal

200% funded: Amama Nia New Costume

Let's create a new outfit for Amama Nia and bring everyone even more fun!

▼ New Plans & Added Slots

Together with this new stretch goal, we're introducing some new Plans!! On top of that, we're also adding one more slot for the "Amama Nia for Half a Day Plan"!

Please continue to give us your support!!


【Additional Plan】

Crowdfunding Achieved! Limited Tote Bag Plan / 10,000 Yen

【Advance MV Plan】

■Canvas Tote Bag (crowdfunding exclusive)

■Original A4 size Clear File (crowdfunding exclusive)


【Additional Plan】

Crowdfunding Achieved! Hand-embroidered Handkerchief Plan (Limit: 3) / 30,000 Yen

【Advance MV Plan】

■ Hand-embroidered Handkerchief (crowdfunding exclusive)

A handkerchief hand-embroidered thread by thread by Amama Nia herself!

■Original A4 size Clear File (crowdfunding exclusive)


【Additional Limited Plan Slot!】

Amama Nia for Half a Day Plan / 200,000 Yen

Available from June 26 (Mon), 7:00 pm JST

Please continue to support the crowdfunding campaign all the way 'til the end! Thank you so much!!


Hello everyone! This is Amama Nia, a VTuber and singer who debuted in February 22, 2020. 

I'm here today thanks to all of your support!

This time, to commemorate my birthday on October 5, I have decided to create my first fully animated music video! In order to make a video of the utmost quality, I decided to put together a crowdfunding project so that you and I can work together for the production of this video. I would be so happy if you could read my thoughts about this project here!

Crowdfunding Goals

2021 marked my first anniversary since I began my activities as a VTuber. Thanks everyone's support, we were able to crowdfund the production of my first original album, raising a record-breaking 408% of the original goal!

"Magical Starry Wishes", an album filled to the brim with Amama Nia's charm, was well-received by many and the supporters were all delighted with the crowdfunding rewards as well. I was truly glad to have done it through crowdfunding, and could not be more grateful.

Since then, more and more people have been enjoying my streams as a VTuber, with over 20,000 subscribers to my channel. After the album "Magical Starry Wishes" that we created together, I now have a new dream to expand the scope of my activities:

That dream is to release a fully animated music video.

We have created and release original music videos for all the songs in the album. The videos, filled with cuteness and charm, were created with the help of many wonderful creators and are well received by the viewers! I myself am already happy with the music videos themselves, but as a VTuber, I yearn to see myself truly moving around on the screen -- and I believe that my viewers feel the same way.

That desire has grown stronger in my as each day passes, but yearning alone won't accomplish anything. That is why this time, I've made the decision to produce a fully animated music video!

This is the song that will be receiving an animated music video:

The album's leading track, "Amama Kanaete Kokon-kon", composed by Camellia!

This song was composed with the idea of creating a theme song for Amama Nia; a song that excite people to do calls and shout along to in a live concert. Being the first track on the album, many people have listened to this song and it has become quite popular. It's one of my favorite songs as well.

For my birthday this October 5, I decided to have this fully animated music video produced!

Now, just as I asked for your help to produce my album two years ago, I would like to ask for your help once more to participate in this dream project of creating this music video through crowdfunding, and to enjoy the journey of creating it together with me until its release! Please help me to make this album that we worked on together take a big leap out into wide world!

Why Crowdfunding?

When I first decided to produce a fully animated music video, I originally planned to have it made on a much smaller scale. Honestly, just producing any fully animated work as an indie VTuber is a huge challenge in and of itself. 

It is because of the fans who supported my in my last crowdfunding venture that we were able to bring my album to life. Because of my lack of knowledge in handling everything, delay upon delay had piled up, but because so many creators lent us their strength, we were able to safely delivery the finished products to the hands of everyone who supported us. 

It is because of the fans who supported my in my last crowdfunding venture that we were able to bring my album to life. Because of my lack of knowledge in handling everything, delay upon delay had piled up, but because so many creators lent us their strength, we were able to safely delivery the finished products to the hands of everyone who supported us. 

Had I not turned to crowdfunding, the physical album and the songs themselves would not have come to life. Those and the experiences that came with them have become irreplaceable treasures for me. I want to thank everyone who continues to support me through thick and thin.

In this new undertaking to create a fully animated music video, I chose "Amama Kanaete Kokon-kon", a song that we all created together in the previous crowdfunding, because I felt that this was the best choice to preserve the existence of "Amama Nia" to the fullest. The song was composed by the well-known creator, Camellia, and has become my theme song. It is a precious song, a work that represents me best, and one that I would use to introduce myself with. That is why I want to compromise as little as possible and make the highest quality work that I can for the song.

However, it turned out that bringing the music video to fruition to the level of quality I envisioned would require a budget that exceeded what I had originally planned. This is why I decided to create the music video with the help of my community through crowdfunding. To have every illustration, every movement seem as if a soul truly resided within them -- I wanted to create something on the level unbelievable for an indie VTuber to unveil!

The production of the animation will be done by AtAt!

● AtAt



AtAt was responsible for the character design, illustrations, as well as production of the music video for my cover of a fan song for the game "Bendy and the Ink Machine". If I was to have a fully animated original music video, I strongly wanted have AtAt be the one to make it, as they are one of my favorite creators. I am truly happy that they agreed to lend their help for this project! With everyone's cooperation, we can create a work whose level can blow right past all of my initial expectations and create something that we might never be able to surpass!

With this music video, we can have more and more people all over the world listen to my songs and expand our circle of fun even more! And of course, while I want to encourage people to participate, I also want them to enjoy the backer rewards so they can feel glad that they joined. 

Of course, the popular Plans that quickly sold out make their return here, but we have also upgraded their contents, as well as included new merchandise to go along with the music video. I would be so happy if you could participate and help in any way you can! 

Please lend me your help!

Project Details

This campaign is to raise funds for the production of a fully animated music video for one of Amama Nia's songs. 

This project's goal is to raise 1,000,000 Yen. This is a Flexible Funding project, which means that regardless of whether or not we reach the goal, we will use the funds received to produce the MV. 

The funds raised with your help will be used for the following purposes:

【Usage of Funds】

●Animation production costs

(key animation, storyboards, other production expenses)

●Music video editing

●Crowdfunding fees

●Rewards production fees

●Other expenses related to this project


Amama Nia Support Plan / 1,000 Yen

■Receive reports on the project progress

■Thank you video from Amama Nia

■Special smartphone wallpaper

Advance MV Plan / 3,000Yen

【Amama Nia Support Plan】

■Get the MV data in advance

※The URL of the MV will be sent before the public reveal

※The MV video data itself will be sent after the reveal

■Illustration data used in the music video

■Digital copy of a handwritten lyrics card

※All data provided may only be for personal use

Commemorative MV Booklet Plan / 7,000 Yen

【Advance MV Plan】

■Special booklet with the MV storyboards and other behind the scenes info

■MV design sticker (crowdfunding exclusive)

■MV design can badge (crowdfunding exclusive)

■Original A4 size Clear File (crowdfunding exclusive)

Just go with this! - Amama Nia Special Plan / 12,000 Yen

【Commemorative MV Booklet Plan】

■Your name in the special thanks section of the credits and video description

※Nickname or no name is allowed

■Bromide with handwritten comment

■Diorama-style acrylic stand

■Original situation voice

※Topic cannot be specified as the voice message will be the same for everyone

※Planned to be about 3 minutes long

■Special stream after the premiere of the song

※An unlisted stream URL will be sent to you

■A handwritten letter for you 

Special Message from Amama Nia Plan (limit: 10) / 18,000 Yen

【Amama Nia Special Plan】

■Special thank you movie filmed just for you

※Talk topic can be specified

※Planned to be about 1~1.5 minutes long

Long Chat with Amama Nia Plan (limit: 5) / 22,000 Yen

【Amama Nia Special Plan】

■Talk with Amama Nia over a call

※Planned to be 15 minutes long

※Will be conducted through Skype or Discord

A New Morning! Original Alarm Clock ver. 2 Plan (limit: 10) / 30,000 Yen

【Amama Nia Special Plan】

■Original voice message alarm clock with your own requested message recorded, only one in the whole world!

※Message to be recorded must be about 10 seconds long

We will contact you later to get the message details

It will be a digital desktop alarm clock

Measurements: 27 x 150 x 170mm

■Recorded voice message will also be sent as separate audio data

Song Request for You Plan (limit: 5) / 35,000 Yen

【Amama Nia Special Plan】

■A video of Nia singing a song requested by you (one chorus size)

※We will contact regarding which song to be sung; a change in choice might be necessary

■Handwritten thank you message card

Play Together with Nia♪ Plan (limit: 10) / 40,000 Yen

【Amama Nia Special Plan】

■Play an online game together with Amama Nia (individually)

※Planned to be 1 hour long

※You can choose your preferred game (such as LoL, Apex, Mobile Legends, others)

※Please refrain from choosing games that require purchasing

※You will be contacted later to discuss the date, time, and other specifics

※The session will be terminated in the event of any comments or actions that go against public order and morals

■Post-game thank you voice message (individual)

Amama Nia Complete Plan (limit: 3) / 120,000 Yen

【All of the above Plans】

■Your name in a "Super Special Thanks" section in the description

※Nickname or no name is allowed

■Hand-signed mini shikishi

Your Own Amama Nia Solo Concert Plan (limit: 3) / 60,000 Yen

【Amama Nia Support Plan】

■A one-on-one singing stream from Amama Nia just for you

※Will be 1 hour long

※To be conducted online

※Webツール will be used for the stream

※Date and time to be held will be discussed later

※The session will be terminated in the event of any comments or actions that go against public order and morals

Amama Nia for Half a Day Plan (limit: 1) / 200,000 Yen

【Amama Nia Support Plan】

■Spend time together with Amama Nia online

Voice calls, text chat, games, singing... Do whatever you want together with Amama Nia for half a day!

※Planned for a total of 6 hours

※Due to work or streaming circumstances, this may have to happen late at night

※In the even of any comments or actions during a call that goes against public order and morals, the call will be ended (there will be no refunds)

※Date and time to be held will be discussed later

※This plan's reward will be held entirely online

Pure Support Plan - Light / 1,000 Yen

Pure Support Plan - Basic / 5,000 Yen

Pure Support Plan - Special / 10,000 Yen

■Receive progress updates on the project

These plans have no other rewards

※The funds received will be used with utmost care


Amama Nia

Birthday: October 5

Likes: Singing, videogames, smiles

Dislikes: Bitter things

The Phantasmagoric Fox🦊💮, singing with an ear-to-ear smile!🌸 

In Closing

To all of you who have cheered me on by my side, or secretly from the sidelines, thank you so much for always supporting Amama Nia!

The experiences and lessons I've learned from the last crowdfunding, as well as the feeling of accomplishment of bringing the finished, irreplaceable work to each and every one of you...

These are all things I treasure dearly.

I can take on so many new and different challenges because all you are here for me.

I am truly grateful for each and every one of you.

Perhaps, I could create these things just by myself.

But without the success of the crowdfunding, these memorable songs could not have been given birth to in a more wonderful way, in the best form that I could muster.

Now, I want to leave another mark as Amama Nia, together with everyone.

I hope to share in this happiness together with all of you, as I challenge a new goal.

I have come up with a lot of plans and rewards for everyone to enjoy! They are by no means a step down from the last crowdfunding.

For this crowdfunding, even if we don't meet the goal, I will continue to work on the music video's production. I would greatly appreciate your help, but only as much as you feel able to support us.

Let's create another great masterpiece with Amama Nia!

Leave your mark, your name, in the credits of the music video!

Thank you for reading this to the end!

How to Buy + Precautions

〈 How to buy 〉

① Make a muevo account →

② Choose the Plan you'd like to purchase

③ Fill in your name and shipping details

④ Choose your payment method (overseas customers must use a credit card)

⑤ Credit card payments will be settled immediately on purchase. Payment details will be sent to you in the case of other payment methods such as convenience store or bank deposit, and payment must be completed within a week. 

※Your selected number of slots chosen will be reserved at the time of application.

※If paying through convenience store or bank deposit and payment has not been received within a week, the application will be cancelled and the number of slots will be returned.

■Processing Fees

・A system fee of 220 yen (tax incl.) applies for credit card transactions

・A system fee of 330 yen (tax incl.) applies for convenience store and bank payments; 440 yen (tax incl.) if the total purchase exceeds 30,000 yen.

・A system fee of 440 yen (tax incl.) applies for UnionPay card transactions

※Please note the processing fees are not subject to be included in any refunds in the case of an unsuccessful "All or Nothing" campaign 

■Payment Methods

➀ Credit card payment

(VISA / JCB / Mastercard / Diners Club / American Express)

② Convenience store payment

③ Bank deposit(Pay-easy)

④ UnionPay

Credit card and UnionPay card payments will be settled in a lump sum on the same day, while convenience store and bank transfer payments must be made within 7 days of the application (or by the end of the crowdfunding period if earlier). Payments by direct debit are not accepted.

※The various processing fees required will not be refunded in the case that an All or Nothing campaign is unsuccessful.

Please read the following article for further details regarding payments: (Japanese)


Q: How do I join any of the Plans?

A: Please create an muevo account

Sign up page:

The name you register with will be the one displayed for your comments and other information. We suggest using a nickname, rather than your real name. You can change it afterwards in your My Page section. If you need a Japanese shipping address, you can use Tenso to provide a virtual shipping address as well as proxy shipping services.

Before registering an account please double-check the following settings:

・emails from

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・email spam/block filters

to make sure you receive the email.

Q: Is it possible to join multiple Plans?

A: Yes. There is no problem in applying for multiple plans. Even after purchasing a plan, you can purchase another as many times later on within the campaign period. Please note that fees for various payment methods will be charged on a per-transaction basis.

Q: Is it possible to cancel a Plan I purhcased by accident?

A: You may not cancel your order after purchasing a plan. Please confirm the contents before making a purchase.

Q: How will I receive the rewards?

A: For digital rewards, we will send you a message with the URL to download the data from a different website. Physical goods will be sent through mail after the crowdfunding project, as soon as they are ready.

Q: Will I be able to apply for any Plans that have already reached their limit?

A: Plans with a limited number of slots will be closed after reaching the maximum number of participants. You cannot apply for them once closed (but there are some exceptions).

Q: Can I participate in this crowdfunding from overseas outside Japan?

A: You can join as long as you have a shipping address in Japan. If you do not have a Japanese shipping address, you can use a proxy service that will provide you with one, such as Tenso. It is an easy and free way to get a virtual Japanese shipping address, which will be required during the sign up process.


Q: How do I pay as someone joining overseas?

A: We accept credit card and UnionPay card as overseas payment methods (Visa / Mastercard / Diners Club / American Express). Prepaid credit cards and debit cards are currently not accepted.

For any other system-related questions, please contact us through the muevo contact form below:

※Regarding any contact directed to muevo:

Inquiries sent during a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday will be addressed by the next business day. We will not be able to respond to any inquiries during weekends and holidays.

For inquiries regarding crowdfunding rewards, please contact the owner of the campaign through the "Contact Owner" form on the campaign page.






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